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Faith-based Leesburg Ocala Heart Institute offers heart, lung and thoracic surgery in Florida using an innovative team concept that streamlines cardiovascular care in an organized and united approach to treatment by combining the talents of specialists in the field of cardiovascular surgery and anesthesiology, as well as interventional cardiology. The wisdom of this philosophy is proven in its extremely high success rate and extremely low complication rate.
Leesburg Thoracic Surgeon & Cardiovascular Care

The team concept is multifaceted, drawing on the expertise of top quality cardiovascular and thoracic specialists, anesthesiologists, physician assistants, critical care nurses, certified surgical technologists and medical staff working in unison to assure patients of superior medical service in coordination with Leesburg’s best cardiovascular and thoracic group, Leesburg Ocala Heart Institute. From its beginning in 1998, Leesburg Ocala Heart Institute’s medical staff has worked as a single unit, from designing operating rooms and hosting educational instruction to keep abreast of industry changes, to treating every aspect of a patient’s life: emotional, mental, and physical concerns. The same members of the same teams monitor and treat the same patient, decreasing the chance for medical error, as well as providing freedom to react quickly and decisively when health care needs change.

As our reputation for superior heart and lung care has grown, so has our facility. The first open heart program in our region to offer minimally-invasive heart valve procedures, we now boast interventional electrophysiology laboratories, as well as three dedicated cardiovascular suites equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, including a transmyocardial laser, high-definition transesophageal echo (TEE) machines and probes. We take our expertise overseas, as well, to third world countries through our medical missions, as well as “loaning” our highly trained experts to other hospitals in the United States who wish to learn our procedures.

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Performing a high volume of cardiology, lung and esophageal surgeries, Leesburg Ocala Heart Institute has the experience as well as expertise to treat your heart and lung medical needs at any of our six convenient heart surgery locations and teams in Florida.

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