Ocala Heart Institute heart surgeons are some of the best doctors in the United States, as well as locally here in Florida. The cardiovascular surgeons, cardiovascular anesthesiologists and cardiologists all work together in a team concept, under the umbrella of the Ocala Heart and Vascular Institute.

I am thankful for every day of life you gave me! I owe it all to you and bless you every night. Today, I live a good life.

Florence, Ocala Heart Patient

These doctors have dedicated their full time to the needs of the heart, lung and vascular patient. They are accompanied by a staff of physician assistants all of whom have specialized in the care of cardiovascular and thoracic patient.

The team has grown with many cardiologists, cardiovascular anesthesiologists, and cardiovascular surgeons with an additional dedicated vascular surgeon. The distinction of the Ocala Heart and Vascular Institute is its dedication to honor God through its practice. The physicians of the Ocala Heart and Vascular Institute recognize not only the physical needs of the patient but also the emotional, social and spiritual needs.

Dr. Duane Cook, M.D.

Heart Surgeons

Dr. Tim Moore, M.D

Heart Surgeons

Dr. Robert J. Richardson, M.D.

Heart Surgeons